Voiles de St Tropez 2012
In 2012, Elena returned to her original sail plan in time to race in October's Voiles de St Tropez. With the wind in her sails, the crew of rival sailing yacht Cambria recall the moment when Elena took charge:
“We were first round the corner but then Elena got tired of looking at Cambria’s transom and decided it was time to move, she caught up and beat Cambria. A shame for us on Cambria, but I can’t recall a more enjoyable defeat.
What a sight - In the old days they referred to such a scene as “she was sailing with majestic urgency”.


“Elena is one of the world’s most beautiful yachts and she has a fascinating history – I had to make a film that captured both the heart and the imagination.”

Delissa Needham is one of the UK’s leading television producers and media journalists, who became enraptured by ‘Elena’ one of the world’s greatest yachts whilst filming on board for a BBC documentary.  Having worked with some of the UK’s finest acting talents, produced films for the BBC, C4 and ITV and was a commissioning editor for the History Channel, Delissa now brings her skills of documentary making to the world of yacht brokerage  – not just to tell the superficial story, but to allow those who know these wonderful yachts to speak passionately about them.

Take a journey into the world of classic sailing yacht Elena - her incredible history and regatta rivalry with yacht Eleonora.